Over the years, some people have been very aggressive about getting psychic readings for free. The arguments have basically come down to a few types of objections:

Objection: “Your gifts should be freely given”

This is typically an ethical argument made by followers of new age religions. It is a wonderful idea. If it were possible, we would give away everything we had just for the good feelings it would give us. That’s the way the world should be. And everyone should share everything they have, and no one should ever be homeless or hungry.

Let’s be honest here: The world doesn’t work that way. Sad, but true.

We are professionals. We perform psychic readings for a living. Our advice has value. We need to pay rent, keep our families healthy, and even eat occasionally. If we want to keep giving readings, we have to be paid for it.

Aside from this, there is a certain mindset in America that “you get what you pay for”. Things given away for free are either not valued or are viewed with suspicion.

One thing we learned from our Reiki practice is that there should always be an exchange of energy. This means something of equal value to our readings should be exchanged for the service. We will often barter with other local service providers.

Objection: “I need a sample reading to know if we are a ‘good fit.’”

This is unfortunately very prevalent on the internet, and it is the opposite of the issue above. These people know what we have has value. They want or need the information we can give them. They just don’t want to give up anything to get it.

Pay-by-the-minute psychic reading sites like Keen, Kasamba, and Oranum exacerbate this problem by offering “free minutes”. This time, ranging from three to ten minutes, is supposed to be a brief time for someone to talk to a reader and decide whether they want or need a reading. Unfortunately, many people try to make this time into a “free reading”, as if three minutes is enough to be truly helpful.

A decent psychic reading should take at least 30 minutes. Some of our sessions have gone over two hours. Many great tarot readers don’t even start dealing out the cards in the first five minutes! ­

Objection: “I can’t afford it/It’s too expensive”

This is a tricky one. Some people legitimately can’t afford a psychic reading. Some people need advice to get them through a rough financial time. We try to help these people as we can. There are a few legitimate free psychic services available, usually from organizations that teach or certify tarot readers.

Biddy Tarot offers free readings from their students and members of their community of readers at https://community.biddytarot.com/free-tarot-readings/. The American Tarot Association also has a free reading network at http://www.freereading.us/ and http://www.freetarot.us/.

One thing you should absolutely avoid is “instant” free readings that are generated by computers. Some examples of this type of instant reading include https://www.trustedtarot.com/members/choose/quick/, https://www.free-tarot-reading.net/free, https://www.ifate.com/free-tarot.html, and https://www.tarot.com/readings-reports/tarot-readings/free. These use canned “interpretations” for the cards copied from other sources, usually the Pictorial Keys to the Tarot. It does not allow for the interpretation of combinations of cards that make professional readings so helpful.

Do you need a psychic reading?

There are also some people who should avoid psychic readings. Addictive personalities can get “hooked” on psychic readings. People who are not ready to move forward will often ignore the advice they are given, no matter who says it or how many times. Some people are just looking for anyone to fill empty spaces in their hearts.

These people need help, but not the kind they get from psychic readings. We will often refer these people to local mental health services or community groups.


If you are looking for a legitimate psychic reading, Hecate’s Raven is here to help.

While not free, Hecate’s Raven’s services are fairly priced, and we won’t try to upsell you on services or products you don’t need. Book your psychic reading here.