Many people ask us how to become a psychic. The simplest answer is “practice”, but how and what do you practice? Odds are, you are already somewhat psychic, so a better question might be how to develop psychic abilities.

Generally, you should practice how to become a psychic using one or more psychic tools to develop one or more types of psychic abilities. You should experiment with several psychic tools until you find one that speaks to you. There are, however, some psychic abilities that deserve special attention.


Empathic abilities are difficult to develop if you are not predisposed to having them. It can be learned, but it is more difficult than other psychic abilities. It is similar to having sharp eyesight or better hearing than the average person.

People who are powerful empaths have clues to this from an early age. Strong empaths often exhibit empathic symptoms at a young age. For these powerful empaths, the question is less “how to become a psychic” and more “how to stop receiving empathic messages”.


Like empathy, mediumship is more difficult to learn if you are not predisposed to it. Mediumship can be a problem when it is particularly strong. Mediums hear and usually see spirits and other entities. Again, the question is less “how to become a medium” and more “how to stop spirits from stalking you”.

As with empaths, strong mediums generally have their powers from a young age. Unfortunately, this power is easily mistaken for schizophrenia. Many mediums are medicated or institutionalized for this condition. As a result, many mediums have learned to hide their power rather than be labeled as mentally ill.

How to Become a Psychic Without a Strong “Gift”

Even if you are not gifted (or burdened) with a powerful ability, you can still become a great psychic. You simply need to work on a different goal than those who need to learn to block their gifts. You should work with one or more psychic tools[link] until you find one that speaks to you. Some of the tools we use include tarot cards, rune stones, pendulums, and palmistry.


One of the most popular psychic tools is the tarot. Tarot cards are a deep and complex tool. It is also, conversely, one that is easy to begin working with. Most of the time, working with tarot cards will enhance your claircognizance, or psychic intuition.

The longer you work with your cards, the more symbolism you will find in them. Most tarot decks sold today have symbol-filled imagery on every card. You can learn more about this imagery from The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, The Book of Thoth, or another tarot symbolism book. The deck we use most is the Sacred Circle Tarot Deck; its companion book is Sacred Circle: A Celtic Pagan Journey.

Rune Stones

Rune stones are a psychic tool that uses Nordic runes to guide your intuition. This tool requires that you learn the appearance and meaning of all twenty-four runes. As such, it is somewhat harder to learn than intuitive tarot reading. Runes are available in a variety of materials and styles. Some of the most popular are wood runes and gemstone runes.


A pendulum is simply a small weight on a cord or chain. The swinging of a pendulum can give simple yes or no answers to questions. Most pendulum readers we know “calibrate” their pendulum at the start of each session by saying “show me a yes” and “show me a no”. You can do this, or you can use a pendulum board. Most pendulum boards are preprinted with “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe” and “Rephrase”; some include numbers or letters, but these can be much harder to use.

Like runes stones, pendulums are made from a wide variety of materials. This can range from a stick on a light string to inlaid gold bobs on gold chain. Some of the most popular materials for pendulums are brass, silver, and gemstones.


Palmistry, also known as palm reading, is the practice of fortune-telling through the study of the palm. Although many books teach “instant” palm reading using the four major lines of the hand, the practice is much more in-depth than that. Advanced readers also examine characteristics of the fingers, fingernails, fingerprints and palmar skin patterns, skin texture and color, the shape of the palm, and flexibility of the hand.

Are Psychics Accurate

Many people wonder “are psychics accurate?” The answer, of course, is it depends on the psychic. The best psychic readings are those that empower the person being read for. As you practice how to become a psychic, bear this in mind. Worry less about how accurate you are. Instead, focus on how much you help your client with their problems.

Psychic Development for Beginners

Discussing how to become a psychic often includes psychic development for beginners. For the true beginner, someone who has little to no experience in magic or psychic work, we recommend using the Rider-Waite Tarot. For pagans, we also recommend the Sacred Circle Tarot. We also suggest reading The Natural Psychic. You can also take Stephen Fabal’s course Psychic Development Using Tarot or Oracle Cards or something similar on Udemy.

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