Please note this is a list of psychic abilities, not a list of psychic tools. Any of these abilities can use multiple tools, and tools may contribute to multiple abilities. Tools include things like tarot cards, palmistry, runes, and dowsing rods.


Claircognizance is what happens when you suddenly know something without any outside reason. It is one of the more common psychic powers. It is often referred to as intuition.

It is often used as a “default” diagnosis by inexperienced psychics. A clairaudient, for example, may believe they are claircognizant because they don’t realize they are actually hearing their psychic perceptions.

Claircognizance seems to be prominent in children, before they learn to filter their thoughts. Often a child will say or do something that they had no way of knowing. This ability often seems to fade as the child gets older and learns to repress these thoughts.


Clairsentience or empathy is about receiving emotions. This can be that you feel what others feel or it could be that your emotions tell you what you need to know. Feeling what others feel is by far the more common manifestation of this psychic ability.

People who grow up with this ability often end up having traumatic childhoods. They are bombarded with emotions that they don’t understand and have no way of controlling. This alone could create the kind of trauma that causes post-traumatic stress. Strongly empathic individuals must learn how to block out the emotions of others in order to live relatively normal lives.


No list of psychic abilities is complete without clairvoyance. This is the ability to see things beyond normal perception. This can include seeing things that happen at a distance, seeing into the future, or seeing into the past.

This ability is what most people think of when you talk about extrasensory perception (ESP). Clairvoyance is sometimes referred to as distant viewing although distant viewing is only one type of clairvoyance.


Clairaudience is the ability to hear things not perceivable in other ways. You may hear voices of many people, or just one. It is also possible to hear things like music, animal sounds, or any other type of noise. This ability is common in mediums.

Telepathy is one form of clairaudience. This is the ability to receive thoughts from other people. These thoughts may be intentionally broadcast or just read from someone’s random thoughts.


Clairtangency is the ability to feel things at a distance. You may feel textures that are not there, heat or cold without any apparent cause, tingling sensations, or any other type of touch sensations. Although it is not often discussed, clairtangency can be a powerful tool when choosing magical gear.

Often in magic work, you might be advised to hold your hand near an object to tell if it calls to you. If you have ever done this and felt a tingle or warmth, you were using clairtangency.

Clairtangency and clairsentience are often confused. Clairsentience is about emotion. Clairtangency is about touching. If you receive emotions, it is clairsentience; if you receive a sensation of touching, it is clairtangency.


Clairalience is the ability to smell things not ordinarily detectable. This is a relatively rare ability. Smell, however, is the sense most closely tied to memories. Sudden unexplained smells can lead you away from danger or provide warnings about risky situations.


Clairgustance is not often found on a list of psychic abilities. It is the ability to taste beyond normal perceptions. It is a relatively rare ability. Clairgustance is usually paired with clairalience, since taste and smell are such closely related senses.


Premonition is an unclear forewarning accompanied by a simultaneous emotional reaction. This vague feeling of unease that something is wrong can be hard to pin down or put a name on. With a premonition you feel a sense of danger, urgency, or apprehension, but you do not receive any specific information; instead, this is all about that emotional feeling.


Precognition is the direct knowledge of events that have yet to occur. Precognition may be experienced in the dream state (as in precognitive dreams) or as a waking vision. Precognition is very specific psychic information without any emotional reaction at the time the knowledge is received. Precognition is all about data and distinct, detailed information.

Postcognition or retrocognition

Postcognition or retrocognition is having knowledge of a past event that could not have been learned or inferred by normal means. This often happens with tools like psychometry. You will somehow receive information about the past, probably by one of the methods listed above.  Psychometry is a tool commonly used in postcognition.


Mediumship is communicating with entities beyond the perception of the senses. Usually, this is communicating with the dead, but it can also be communicating with angels, spirits, or other entities. Mediumship is usually coupled with clairaudience.

Many people believe mediumship is an all-or-nothing ability; that you either can communicate with entities or you can’t. Others believe this is a skill that can be learned.


Channeling, like mediumship, involves communicating with entities not normally perceived. A channel is partially or completely taken over by an entity. The entity will speak and act through the channel, often without the channel remembering anything the entity does or says.

Channeling and mediumship are closely related. The difference between them is that mediums communicate with entities, while channels are controlled by the entities. It is possible, though rare, for someone to be both a channel and a medium.


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