There are many types of psychics, or rather, people who call themselves psychics. There are legitimate professional psychics, unethical psychics, carnival psychics, party psychics, and what I refer to as pseudo-psychics. Most psychics are good people, regardless of the degree of professionalism that they have developed. It is the few who are not good people that give all psychics a bad reputation. 

Every type of psychic can use different psychic tools to aid in their work. These tools can be physical (like tarot cards), mental (like palmistry), or spiritual (like channeling and mediumship). There are dozens of psychic tools available to all types of psychics. 

Professional Psychics

Technically, any psychic who receives payment for their work is a professional psychic. However, for me to consider someone a professional psychic, they must act like a professional. This includes things like empowering their clients, keeping to a code of ethics, and keeping client confidentiality. It also means not adding on to their bills after a service has been rendered. 

Unethical Psychics

 One of the types of psychics that creates issues is those that have no ethics or have never considered their ethical code. This type of psychic may have good intentions and does not deliberately exploit the fears of their clients. They often have simply not considered the effect that their information may have on their clients.

These types of psychics are much less of a danger than exploitive psychics, but they are still a hazard for those clients who are inexperienced. Often these psychics can accidentally create dependency in their clients. They may also be working on a by-the-minute payment system that rewards unnecessarily long-winded readings. Most higher-level professional psychics will charge a flat fee for a psychic reading, although some may charge by the question or by the hour. 

This type of psychic will often do things like predicting death or serious illness, trying to interpret a third party’s words or actions, or going beyond their skillset – delving into the realm of the medical professional, the psychiatrist, the accountant, or the lawyer. Whether this is intentional or not is irrelevant; practicing in these areas without the appropriate licensing is illegal and hazardous.  

Carnival Psychics

These types of psychics are those who consider psychic reading to be a performance rather than a meaningful exchange. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, it can cause disappointment in their clients. Often, these readers will dress very eccentrically, put on false accents, or otherwise distance their psychic persona from their everyday persona. They will often use eye-catching psychic tools as part of their psychic persona. 

Many psychics start out this way. The work is very public, often attracting the attention of passers-by. It makes it difficult to delve in-depth into a person’s issues. Also, it can be difficult to keep up with clients since many carnival readers are iterant. 

Note that while I call these types of psychics “carnival psychics”, their venues can vary widely. If the psychic is performing individual readings in public, I consider them to be a carnival psychic. This may be at fairs and festivals, in restaurants, at bookstores, or even in the street. Understand, this does not mean they are a bad psychic, merely that they find their clients by working in public.

Many carnival psychics are also professional psychics. Working in public is a very good way to develop new clients. Often a professional psychic will offer a limited or shortened version of their regular services for this type of audience. Some psychics use fairs and festivals to introduce new services or test the readiness of a market for new psychics. 

Party Psychics

Party psychics are psychics who are hired to read guests at a party. Like carnival psychics, party psychics work in a public space with many people watching. The main difference is that party psychics are hired purely as entertainers and are paid a lump sum for several readings at a gathering. 

Often these readings are lighthearted. These are seldom the types of psychics you can gain real deep insight from. Party psychics will sometimes employ bizarre psychic tools to draw more attention or to entertain. 

A party psychic may be hired for private or public events. The main difference between carnival psychics and party psychics is the way they are paid. Carnival psychics are paid by their individual clients. Party psychics are paid to provide readings to whoever is interested in a specific place for a set amount of time. 

Pseudo Psychics

The worst, and most dangerous, type of person that claims to be a psychic is a pseudo-psychic. These types of “psychics” often have little to no power themselves. Instead, they have become well versed in cold reading or hot reading. They use these skills to make people believe they are seeing into the future, reading their past, or speaking to spirits.
Exploitive pseudo-psychics rely on people’s gullibility, naivete, or desperation. They will often use a combination of hot reading and cold reading techniques to convince someone they have information that person needs, then push their price much higher to “receive the information”.
The worst of these exploitive pseudo-psychics will tell people there is a curse or other dark energy around them and only the psychic can break the spell or dispel the energy. They will often charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for this “service”. These pseudo-psychics will continue to raise their prices, claiming the need for “more effort” or “more supplies” until the client is unable or unwilling to pay anything more. 

It is the behavior of these pseudo-psychics that gives all psychics a bad name. 

What to look for in a professional psychic

A good professional psychic will always agree to a rate and the services to be given up-front. They will offer to guide you but will always remind you that you control your own destiny. They will strive to prevent dependence on the psychic or psychic readings in general. 

They will not tell you that they alone can break a spell or curse. Even if a curse or other dark energy is present (and this does sometimes happen), a professional psychic will make it clear that the client has many options in dealing with this negativity. 

They will not ask invasive questions. With a few exceptions, notably astrologers, psychics do not need your birth date. They will almost never require identifying information like a driver’s license number or social security number. 

What type of psychic do you need?

When you are looking for help, you want a professional psychic reader. A good professional psychic will take care of your needs and refer you to others if they need to.
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