Is someone or something hurting, haunting, or harassing you? Is someone gossiping about you and ruining your life? Are you haunted by a jilted ex who won’t stop harassing you? Are you being sued or taken to court unfairly? Do you feel negative energy in your home or office? Sometimes, you need to freeze someone, or even some things, in their tracks when they’re attacking you; nothing works better than a classic Freeze spell. These spells have been practiced for centuries and are still widely used today for one simple reason: they work.

This container spell works to freeze someone’s speech or actions against you. Freeze spells are used to silence someone and freeze them out of your life. So don’t try this spell on someone you’d like to reconcile with, because they will literally be iced out of your life. Use this spell only against people who are harming you so that they will be frozen out of your world for good. This spell is some serious defensive magic and—like most spells—should not be undertaken lightly.

  1. Get a container: Get a plastic zip-lock-style zipper bag. This is the vessel that will contain the active parts of your spell.
  2. Prepare the totem: You’ll need a totem of your target. The best choice is a photograph of the person, but failing that, you can simply write their name on a card or draw an image of their likeness. Ideally, a strand of their hair or an object they’ve touched will work nicely as well. If you are not sure what or who exactly is doing the harm, decide on a name for them, like “dark spirits”, “gang”, or “the negative entities”, and use that. You put your feelings into the spell, so the name is not as important as your emotions and passion when you cast the spell. And no, you will not go to hell for doing this small, defensive bit of magic. All power comes from the Divine anyway, so you can never get into trouble for using a God-given gift.
  3. Place the totem in the container: Place the totem in the zipper bag. You may use another container if you like, just be sure that it is very well sealed. When in doubt drip candle wax over the opening to seal it shut. Wax sealing is not necessary with zippy bags.
  4. Add enough water to cover the writing: Use bottled water, vinegar, or saltwater. Avoid using simple tap water which lacks the magical charge of vinegar or salt. Also avoid using alcohol or oil since they don’t really freeze and, therefore, defeat the purpose of the spell.
  5. Seal & freeze: The sealing of the plastic bag put your emotions into words either in your voice or in your head. If you can, light a candle and take a few minutes to look into the flames as you visualize the calm, peaceful results of your spell. Imagine the people or entities being gone from your life, and enjoy how that would feel. Or just imagine all the abuse, harassment, and terrorizing that you’ve suffered simply disappearing from your life.
  6. Finally, place the container in the freezer and watch your magic work: Once the spell is complete, you must keep it frozen for a full year, and then, let the spell thaw before pouring the liquid out into a running body of water like a lake or river and then burying the container.

The following should not be necessary but I want you to have the information just to be thorough:

If your spell worked at first, but your enemy reappears a few weeks or months later, then you’ll have to recharge the spell. Simply remove the spell from the freezer, let it thaw for a couple of days, and then place it back in the freezer. You can repeatedly freeze and thaw the spell every few days to intensify the power of the spell. For example, if someone is actively trying to cause you physical harm, you’d probably want to freeze and thaw and re-freeze the spell every few days to keep them at bay.

This spell will prevent the target from contacting you, gossiping about you, or otherwise taking any actions against your interest. Any action they take against you will either fail or reverse back on them. Remember that a Freeze spell will completely ice someone out of your life, so don’t use this spell on a lover you want back, but rather on an enemy you truly need to cut out, otherwise you might regret it.

Please use common sense in this, or any spellwork, and make as many positive affirmations as possible. Do NOT dwell on the bad things, because this gives them power. Instead, think of the good things and positive thoughts such as “I am so glad that I am happier now, and the bad times are behind me” or “Every day, in every way, things are getting better and better”. Speak your positive affirmations out loud as if the positive results have already happened. In this way, you program the world to make it happen.

I hope you have found this helpful, and that all the best things in life come to you right away!

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