It was once believed that psychics were extremely rare. These days, psychic ability appears to be becoming more commonplace. More people are coming out as having had a psychic experience. This raises the vibrational energy and allows even more people to experience their own psychic powers. Vibrational energy has a gestalt effect: the more people that have high vibrations, the more other people will develop high vibrations.

There are many reasons psychic ability appears to be more common. Part of this is due to a better understanding of what a psychic is. Part of it is greater acceptance, or at least tolerance, from people who are not psychics. Not long ago, claiming psychic powers would have led to imprisonment or worse.

In the past, those with psychic powers were labeled witches. This led to a death sentence for witchcraft. In some countries, these laws were not repealed until the 1980s. Even after witchcraft was decriminalized, claiming you had psychic power could have sent you to a psychiatric hospital or asylum. Today, at least in the US, there is far greater tolerance for those claiming to have psychic abilities.

Psychic powers are not evil nor is it a manifestation of dark forces. In fact, part of being a psychic is becoming better attuned to hearing divine messages. This is not to say there are no malevolent entities. Regardless of their reasons, some entities seem to revel in dark energies. It is always best to avoid these entities unless you are trained in dispelling or dispersing them.

Another reason psychic ability has become more common is that, as I said before, the vibrational energy of the human race as a whole has gotten higher. High vibration energy lends itself to psychic powers.

So, what is a Psychic?

A psychic is simply someone who is attuned to perception beyond the five senses. A psychic can see, hear, or know what others cannot. There are several lists of psychic abilities (our list of psychic abilities is found here). The four most common are claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

  • Claircognizance is simply knowing something beyond the five senses.
  • Clairvoyance is the ability to see beyond the senses.
  • Psychic hearing is called clairaudience.
  • When you psychically receive emotions, this is called clairsentience or empathy.

People who are strong psychics are either born that way or develop their abilities through hard practice. Those that are born psychic often have traumatic childhoods.

Avoiding Fraud

Not all fortune tellers are psychics. There are, unfortunately, many fraudulent people in the world who prey on those seeking psychic assistance. This is done through various methods of cold reading and hot reading. These people are not psychics, and in fact, they taint the entire industry of psychic reading with their presence.

The key to avoiding these fraudsters is constant diligence. Pay attention to what questions the psychic asks and how they react to them. A huge red flag is a “psychic” telling you about some horrendous curse or some such thing that can only be removed by them. Be especially wary if the price tag for this service is much higher than your reading cost.

Watch for psychics who mimic your body position, movement, or gestures. This has been proven by psychologists to make you trust the person more. This tactic has been used by con artists for decades. If the psychic makes too much eye contact, they may be trying to unnerve or seduce you. On the other hand, lack of eye contact can mean the reader is deceptive or dishonest.

An honest psychic will agree on a pay scale up-front and will stick to that scale. Dishonest psychics will often try to pad the bill, selling you additional and unnecessary goods or services.

Questions about psychics

One question often asked is “What is the difference between ‘psychic’ and ‘medium’?” A medium is someone who can communicate with entities that are beyond physical perception. In my opinion, all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. Psychics can also be channels or have any number of other psychic powers.

Another common question is “How do I become a psychic?” The answer to that is that you probably already are! You simply need to practice strengthening your psychic abilities and become more confident in their use.

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