Hecate’s Raven

Child of Erzuli

To David who called recently: please contact Priestess Raven as soon as possible. Thank you.

About Hecate’s RAven

My name is Raven Fabal.
I am a Psychic, Palmist, Crystologist, Healer, Minister, Crafter, and ​Earth-Loving Witch. Working at this professionally for over forty years, I am honored to have a reputation as a spiritual leader who can effectively communicate with people, a bringer of clarity and guidance to those in need.

I know that every human is a uniquely original creation with a spark of divinity and purpose. My mission is to help you have a better, healthier, happier life, guided by Divine purpose and the joy of knowing you are finally on your way to being your absolute best.

Whether I’m doing psychic readings, palm readings, Meditation/Channeling sessions, or working with gems and crystals, I am called to do this and you can absolutely trust me to treat you with respect and love.

So, if you find yourself feeling “stuck”, frustrated by circumstances, lost, or just in need of guidance or direction, come see me. I can help. If you have any questions about me or any of my witchcrafts, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I make enchanted candles, jewelry, and more to enhance your magic, improve, and protect your lives.

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